Password protection safe and easy

Sequry is the perfect all-in-one password manager for anyone who wants to protect and share data.


It's that easy to share important data

Sequry is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses. You centrally manage and share data for your team while keeping a complete overview. Your passwords are protected with state-of-the-art encryption methods. At the same time, they're easy for everyone you've chosen to reach. Data security made easy - that's Sequry.



Easy to use

All authorized users can log on to Sequry via web browser with all end devices. You will find all passwords you need at a glance. Long training is not necessary: Sequry can be operated intuitively by everyone.


Easy sharing

You share certain information with certain users. All passwords are securely encrypted in a local database. After logging in, every employee finds the data he or she needs to work.


Easy to manage

You decide who can see which data. You can also set up user groups. You decide who has to log in with which security level. You determine these factors freely and can change them at any time. The structure of sequry is modular.


Simply more confidence

Many companies are uncertain about data protection. The use of Sequry is simple, clear and comprehensible for everyone. Nobody has to worry about doing anything wrong. A conclusive data protection concept also creates trust in your company from the outside.


Simply more time

With Sequry, the time of time-consuming and highly insecure tables or even notes on password management is over. You can devote yourself with a clear conscience to other important tasks for your company.


Simply thought of everything

The developers at sequry have thought of everything for you. You present a password manager that combines many advantages: Sequry is a web-based open-source application. The modular structure makes individual settings possible and all data remains locally in your company.

Security can be so uncomplicated

That makes Sequry better!

Sequry combines requirements for a password manager that protects your data particularly securely: Open source, web-based, modular structure, no cloud service. The program is clear and easy to understand. The software is perfect for cases where several people need to share a password. Only Sequry has that.


Developed by an experienced team

Sequry comes from a modern IT agency. The experienced developers have been working on individual business applications for more than ten years. The familiar team uses the most modern techniques.


Open Source creates security

Open Source means that the program code of Sequry is freely accessible. Advantage: Detected security holes are closed much faster than with commercial programs.


Your data stays with you

Sequry is an on-premise solution. The password manager is independent of third-party providers such as cloud services. You store your sensitive passwords locally in your company. With Sequry, your data stays with you.


Browser access makes you independent

To make Sequry easy to use with your team, use a web browser. So you are independent of operating systems and can log in from different devices.

Preview for your password protection

We make Sequry even more comfortable for you. Raspberry Pi with software package, custom user interface, browser add-on: Follow our password security plans with the Sequry roadmap.

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Your questions about Sequry

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Sequry. Learn more about

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  •  Open Source
  •  Browser-basedness
  •  Sequry as QUIQQER-Modul
  •  Passdora
  •  Costs

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Strong password manager

A strong password manager makes your life easier. Give your company and your employees more security with Sequry.


More safety

To see passwords, users must authenticate themselves. The system is designed for multi-factor authentication. You divide passwords into security classes, supplement and configure the authentication factors, thanks to the modular structure of Sequry.


More comfort

Use Sequry via your browser from different devices. This makes you and your employees independent of operating systems and workstations. This gives your company the greatest possible flexibility when it comes to password protection.


More overview

You will find Sequry in a well structured user interface. Users can operate all steps of password management intuitively. Whether IT staff, accountants or creative minds - anyone can use Sequry quickly without prior experience.


More clarity

From now on, the unsecure "storage" and communication of data is over. Instead of sharing and managing tables in mail attachments, via chat or note management, you'll be able to protect your data. Simple, flexible and secure - that is Sequry.

Simple solution for a complex problem

Logging on to your computer, access to the intranet, internet portals or e-mail servers, access to customer and administration systems or databases - you and your employees used countless passwords every day.

Keeping track of things is not easy. Sequry offers you and your team an easy solution.

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No more password chaos, even for private users

The secure sharing of passwords among several users is also interesting for private users. Share passwords and data easily and securely with your family or friends. Whether online banking, shared email addresses or shopping accounts - you manage your logins, distribute security levels and authorizations.

You don't need any technical background knowledge. Sequry can be operated clearly and intuitively from various end devices.

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