Sequry is a password manager that lets you easily store and share passwords between multiple people. You can use Sequry for your private password collection as well as for your business. Data is shared using modern cryptographic methods. The sharing is based on a mix of symmetric and asymmetric encryption and key derivation. This is the special strength of Sequry.

You do not pass on your sensitive data to third parties, such as a cloud service. Your data stays with you. In companies it often happens that passwords to different systems have to be shared among employees. Unfortunately, this often happens in very unsafe ways, for example via e-mail or chat. Sequry stores passwords created by a user in an encrypted local database. The password recipient can view it and use it to log in to a third party system.

To be able to view the password, the user must first authenticate himself. The system is designed for multi-factor authentication. You determine the security class of the respective password. The security classes are composed of different, freely configurable authentication factors. Thanks to Sequry's modular design, you can add new factors at any time. Only when the user has correctly authenticated himself, he can see and use the respective password. To manage and share your data more easily, you can divide users into user groups.

Sequry was developed as a module for the Open Source Web Management System QUIQQER. It is implemented in PHP and JavaScript as a web application. Currently Sequry can be used via the QUIQQER administration area. A separate user interface is planned.


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