What's the next step?

Sequry has a lot planned. Raspberry Pi, new password types, browser addon, Sequry as app: We make the password manager even more comfortable for you.

Follow our plans for your password security with the Sequry Roadmap.


Sequry Betatests

Q2 2018
We have been putting Sequry through its paces for more than one and a half years. Sequry was developed as a module for the Open Source Web Management System QUIQQER. As a QUIQQER module, Sequry is in the final phase of development. The password manager is already actively used in an IT company.


Completion Frontend Template

Q3 2018
In order for you to be able to use Sequry comfortably, we are developing a comfortable, responsive frontend template. The user interface of the password manager adapts optically to your device - no matter from which device you want to use Sequry. You have a modern, easy to use web interface at your disposal, where you can easily find your way around.


Release Sequry 1.0

Q3 2018
We present you the first final version of Sequry. It offers you an all-round worry-free password protection according to your needs. You can securely manage and share passwords, use a password generator and much more. Of course we don't rest on our laurels. We continue to work on making Sequry safe and easy for you to use.


Completion of admin documentation

Q3 2018
For all future Sequry administrators we will finish the documentation. Here you will find everything you need to install and operate Sequry. You'll also find out where you can get help or who to contact at Sequry. In short: The documentation contains everything you need to start with Sequry and use the program without any problems.


Betatests Passdora

Q4 2018
We start beta tests for Passdora. We offer you Sequry as a software package on the Rasperry Pi. You can set up the handy password box in your company or apartment. All you need is a power and a network connection. Advantage: Your data stays with you. You don't have to trust a cloud provider with your data. In addition, you are better protected from hacking attempts.


Completion of new password types

Q3-Q4 2018
From now on Sequry comes along with new password types. You can use several passwords in one record or QR codes for Authenficator. So with Sequry you stay as flexible and secure as possible.


Release Sequry 1.1

Q1 2019
The development of Sequry is not enough for us. We don't rest and pack you all new features and improvements into the release of Sequry 1.1. Sequry is designed to help you protect your data in the long run. So you can be sure that your password manager is always equipped with the latest security standards and a high level of comfort.


Release Passdora Box

Q1-Q2 2019
The beta tests are finished. We are happy to present you with the release of Passdora Sequry in the box in a mature version.


Browser Plugins

Q1 2019
The appropriate extensions for your browser make it even easier to use Sequry. They save you the hassle of copying your passwords back and forth. From now on you can log in even faster with the same security.


Android- and iOS-Apps

Q3 2019
Now Sequry is available as an app. We make the password manager a bit more comfortable for you. With the apps for your Android or iOS devices you can use Sequry even easier - no matter where you are. The apps combine highest security for your data with even more comfort.